As many of you may already know, one year ago we decided to discontinue making our beloved lotions and creams in favor of a new formulation: Cloud Waltz Body Whip. Bearing in mind that our skin is our largest living and breathing organ, we set out to create an even better moisturizer - one that would be the equivalent of eating a clean, organic meal teeming with nutrients.

Using only raw, cold pressed, organic ingredients we sought to leave out preservatives, binders and water in order to achieve a pure and effective product that would hydrate and nourish all skin. And that we did!

So thank you all for being on this journey with us... For listening, learning and trying new products and ideas along the way. Our conscience leads us, and we are honored when you follow.

Trivia: We are proud to share with you that Cloud Waltz was our # 1 selling products in 2016!

We hear your skin smiling.

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The organic raw shea butter we use in our Cloud Waltz is highly beneficial in three senses:

1) Moisturizing: it's chock full of vitamins and fatty acids, making it intensely nourishing and hydrating for skin. It makes an excellent remedy for dry skin due to it's healing and protective properties. 

2) Reduces Inflammation: shea butter contains lupeol cinnamate, which has been found to reduce skin inflammation. Those who suffer with acne, scarring and skin cancer may benefit from using raw shea butter.

3) Skin Smoothing: Shea butter contains oleic, stearic, palmitic and linolenic acids - these help promote collagen production, and aid in softening and strengthening skin.  

When reading your ingredients pay attention to the kind of shea butter listed. Refined shea butter is white and odorless whereas raw shea butter is cream colored and has a mild nutty scent. Raw shea butter is far superior to refined shea butter, which is another case of consuming empty carbs. Your skin deserves better.

        Raw Shea Butter

       Raw Shea Butter

Tip: if you happen to purchase some raw shea butter in an endeavor to cut back on ingredients and have a little fun with DIY lotion it's best to gently melt the shea butter and combine it with a smidge of oil before trying to apply it. Raw shea butter is quite hard and crumbly, therefore making it difficult to apply right out of the jar.

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